BOURBON in the


Enhancing the physical, economic, and social status of the Bardstown & greater Nelson County, Kentucky area.


Bourbon Capital District

The Bourbon Capital Alliance, in partnership with the Bardstown Mainstreet program, is pleased to lead the charge to establish an Entertainment Destination Center (EDC) in downtown Bardstown, the Bourbon Capital of the World. The establishment of the Bourbon Capital District will enable residents and visitors to walk around downtown Bardstown with an open container of alcohol in a designated cup within specified boundaries, adding vibrancy and contributing positive economic impact to our downtown.

The Bourbon Capital District is a great step in the evolution of Bardstown’s already thriving downtown. Research gathered from other Kentucky communities who have enacted an EDC has proven increased time spent downtown from residents and visitors, as well as additional revenues for bars, restaurants, and retail establishments within the boundaries. The anticipated launch date of the Bourbon Capital District is National Bourbon Day: June 14, 2024.

Bourbon Capital Academy

The Bourbon Capital Academy is a series of proprietary, Bardstown-centric bourbon education courses. These courses have been built from the ground up with the input of our nine partner distilleries.

Launched in January 2024, our entry level experience, Bourbon in Bardstown, is hosted in our purpose-built classroom at the Brindiamo Penthouse at Spalding Hall. Consisting of experiential and sensory components, bourbon knowledge and Bardstown distilling history, this course is a unique educational experience. Of course, each attendee will get to enjoy our A Taste of Bardstown flight with multiple bourbons from our partner distilleries.

After you’ve taken our entry course, keep an eye out for the launch of our Masters Series experiences, continuing education courses hosted on site at our partner distilleries. Each of these courses will focus on a different aspect of the distilling process.

Brindiamo Penthouse - Now Open!

Opened on June 17, 2023, the Brindiamo Penthouse is a dedicated space for the Bourbon Capital Guild to meet, share and learn about bourbon from our nine partner distilleries, and much more.

The custom Bourbon Capital Academy classroom will play host to proprietary, Bardstown-centric bourbon education, experiential aspects, and A Taste of Bardstown flight board with tasty product from our partner distilleries.

The Brindiamo Penthouse was made possible by a generous donation from the Nashville-based Brindiamo Group, a preeminent beverage alcohol consulting firm specializing in sourcing whiskey.

Bourbon Capital Guild

Launched in fall of 2021, the Bourbon Capital Guild is Bardstown’s premium bourbon society. Our 175 Bourbon Capital Guild members form the backbone of Bardstown’s “bourbon army.” They are given access to exclusive experiences at our nine partner distilleries, barrel picks, dinners, and much more.

The Bourbon Capital Guild is also a large proponent of bourbon education for our members and Bardstown at large. Utilizing the Bourbon Capital Academy, we will build one of the most educated bourbon societies in the country. Click over to our Bourbon Capital Guild website via the button below to learn more. Cheers!

We’re working together with our community and valued distillery partners to build a better bourbon experience.