Bourbon Capital District

Established in spring of 2024, the Bourbon Capital District is a designed Entertainment Destination Center. This will grant Bardstown residents and visitors the ability to walk around downtown with an open container of alcohol in a designated cup within specified boundaries. The purpose of the Bourbon Capital District is to encourage people to spend more time in our thriving downtown, browse more shops, and patronize Bardstown’s impressive selection of retail establishments, bars, and restaurants, most of which are family and locally owned. The Bourbon Capital District will provide positive economic impact to Bardstown’s downtown area.

National Bourbon Week

In 2018, our National Bourbon Day ceremony consisted of a small ceremony on the lawn of Spalding Hall. In 2022, our fifth annual National Bourbon Day Celebration grew to include four days of unique events, distillery specials, and an opening ceremony and cocktail hour attended by 100+ influential bourbon industry members.

In 2024, the Bourbon Capital Alliance & Visit Bardstown are excited to partner together for the inaugural National Bourbon Week! Make plans to join us in the Bourbon Capital of the World for our 2024 National Bourbon Week June 11-16, 2024. This six day series of bourbon-centric events will include the 2024 Bardstown Collection release, special distillery events, the 21st annual Bourbon City Street Concert, and so much more. See current details here. Cheers!

Bourbon Capital Guild

Founded in 2021, the Bourbon Capital Guild is Bardstown’s first and only premium bourbon society.

With 175 members, both local and across the United States, the Guild is building an educated, influential group of bourbon ambassadors for the Bourbon Capital of the World. Goal: To educate and build brand ambassadors for bourbon in Bardstown and our nine Bourbon Capital Alliance partner distilleries. 

Bourbon Capital Academy

Launched in January 2024, the Bourbon Capital Academy is an interactive, Bardstown-centric bourbon education course hosted at the Brindiamo Penthouse at Spalding Hall. Our entry level fundamental course includes a proprietary Bardstown-centric curriculum, experiential components, and a premium bourbon tasting featuring product from several of our partner distilleries. In the future, we will introduce the Masters Series, continuing education experiences hosted on site at our partner distilleries.

Goal: To offer a unique bourbon experience to our valued guests… one that teaches them not only distilling but specifically Bardstown’s role in the evolution of bourbon. An additional goal is to adapt this course for use in educating Bardstown and Nelson County’s local hospitality workforce, greatly enhancing the overall culture of bourbon for our residents and guests.

Bardstown Special License Plate

Approved in 2020 with production beginning in January 2024, the Bardstown special license plate is a callout to the unparalleled distilling history and heritage present here in the Bourbon Capital of the World. 80% of plate proceeds will go to the creation of an annual scholarship(s) to the James B. Beam Distilling Institute at the University of Kentucky, while the other 20% is earmarked to boost the KY Distiller’s Association existing KDA Scholars program targeted at increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion in the distilling industry.

Bourbon Barrel Receptacles

As part of our ongoing work to build on our moniker of the Bourbon Capital of the World, the Bourbon Capital Alliance has helped bring to life several Bourbon Capital of the World-branded water towers, as well as 50+ pole banners downtown with ‘Bourbon Capital of the World’ verbiage. In 2022, we worked with our partner Buzick Construction to have 15 used bourbon barrels sponsored, built, and placed throughout downtown, enhancing our bourbon visual cues and downtown functionality.

Goal: To continue to build the bourbon visual cues that Bardstown has lacked in the past.